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  • Julian Vaughan ASLEF Trains H&S Council

ASLEF H&S reps force LU to take fatigue risk seriously

Fatigue is a significant risk factor across all forms of transport and has been the root cause of many incidents.

ASLEF Tier 2 H&S Representatives have continually pushed London Underground to take the issue seriously and this resulted in a sub-group of the Safety Forum being formed to deal with fatigue issues.

We have insisted that Trains Managers change their culture and stop the practice of giving a fatigued driver the option of either picking up their train (with the knowledge that the driver is fatigued) or booking off sick – both these options are completely unacceptable!

London Underground has finally conceded that the coercing of drivers to pick up their train when potentially not fit to do so must end and have agreed – after pressure from your ASLEF Tier 2 H&S Council Reps – to roll out a ‘fatigue reporting’ trial where drivers are encouraged to report when they are feeling fatigued.

While this isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card this will mean that drivers aren’t forced into driving a train while fatigued due to circumstances beyond their control, such as dealing with a sick child overnight or a house party next door.

When the trial was rolled out on the Northern & Bakerloo lines we were very disappointed with how it was publicised and we have insisted that this improves as, following conclusion of the trials, fatigue reporting is gradually rolled out across all the lines. The next line will be the Victoria Line (starting on 6th October) followed by the SSR lines, Central, Jubilee then Piccadilly lines.

A reminder on fatigue from the Office of Rail and Road

“Individuals concerned about fatigue should not be coerced into working regardless”.

Managing Rail Staff Fatigue January 2012

ASLEF leads – others follow - join the Train Drivers Union today

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