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The Union for every Train Driver !

Over the last few years there has been a big increase in ASLEF membership on London Underground.

But we don’t just want you to join us. ASLEF actively encourage you, our members, to get involved and have a real influence on the issues that affect you at work. If you joined the job two days or twenty years ago you will be equally welcome at your local ASLEF branch meeting. Your opinion matters just as much as anyone else’s!

Your local branch gives you the chance to have your say on things that matter to you. Local and combine-wide Reps come along to give reports, but more importantly to listen to our members. ASLEF members don’t just drive trains: they drive the policies and priorities of our union! It's important to us that all our members have an equal say in what we do and the decisions we make. We know that too often unions can seem to be run by just a small number of people. That's why we encourage everyone to get involved. The days when train driving (or being a union rep) was seen a "mans job " should be long behind us. We actively encourage women and black and minority ethnic members to get active in ASLEF. 

Meeting details are displayed on depot notice cases or you can contact any rep for more information. The union is only as strong as our members. Getting involved with ASLEF is the way to make sure you are treated fairly at work and that your health and safety, your salary, working conditions and pension are protected and improved.

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Our agenda for equality.


To help make sure that the voice of every member is heard in our union, ASLEF has set up national representative committees for Women, BME and LGBT members. This year we have also set up a new forum for young members.

You can read more about their work here. The representatives from our district are all drivers on London Underground.

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Tom Harcourt

Disabled Members Forum.

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Matt France

Young Members Representative Committee.

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Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser

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Trevor Robinson

Black and Ethnic Minority Representative Committee.

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Debbie Reay

Women's Representative Committee.

Debbie Reay

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Ben Wallington

LGBT representative committee

Ben Wallington

Influencing the people who matter

Representing our members in the workplace is always ASLEF's first priority but we know that decisions made by people in power have a direct impact on our you and your family. Our members want good wages and conditions, but also rely on decent public services like a properly funded NHS and education system.  

ASLEF is affiliated to the Labour Party and supports our members getting actively involved with their local parties and communities. You can read more about ASLEF political campaigning here

 "I don't make tea and I ain't your

f***ing mother !"


Golders Green Instructor Operator  Maeve Hanley was the first woman to be elected to the London Underground Trains Functional Council representing drivers at every depot across the combine. On her first day she  had a straightforward message to deliver "I'm here to make a difference, not to make tea" !

Maeve played a key role in negotiations on the 2015 pay and night tube dispute  and  represents members at disciplinary hearings and case conferences as well as her role on network wide ASLEF negotiating team. Here contact details are here.