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Your ASLEF Team on London Underground.

FB image.jpeg

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.


Gary Comfort

ASLEF Executive
Committee Member


ASLEF Trains Council Reps

MH image.jpeg

Maeve Hanley

Trains Council Chair.

SCrow image.jpeg

Steve Crowley

Trains Council Secretary.

TR photo.jpeg

Trevor Robinson

Trains Council
Assistant Secretary

SCon image.jpeg

Steve Connolly

Trains Council

IG image.jpeg

Ian Goodman

Trains Council Rep Vice-chair.

MF image.jpeg

Matt France

Trains Council Rep.

ASLEF Trains  Health & Safety Council Reps

MT image.jpeg

Marc Tanner.

Upgrades Rep.

ASLEF Equality Representative Committee Members

Sherelle Cadogan.jpeg

Sherelle Cadogan.

Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Representative Committee 

DR image.jpeg

Debbie Reay.

Women's Representative Committee 

BW photo.jpeg

Ben Wallington.

LGBT+ Representatives Committee

TH photo.jpeg

Tom Harcourt.

Disabled Members Representative Committee

Becca Nevin.jpeg

Becca Nevin.

Young Members Representative Committee

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