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ASLEF Pay and Conditions claim for 2024.


ASLEF has now submitted our Pay and Conditions claim for 2024 to London Underground.

The rate of inflation, measured by the Retail Price Index (RPI) for the year ending in February which is the base month used for pay negotiations, was 4.5%. This means that you need a pay rise of at least this amount just to maintain your living standards as prices and bills continue to go up.


As well as a pay rise, we are continuing to push for improvements in working conditions for all our members across the Underground; a shorter working week; better travel benefits and an improved overtime rate as well as the many other issues our reps are dealing with through the Machinery of Negotiation.


We are also working to make sure that commitments made from previous years on travel benefits and the salary sacrifice scheme for electric vehicles are delivered on time.


A key element of our claim this year is recognition that pay and working hours for Underground drivers has fallen behind that of the TfL branded Elizabeth Line and London Overground. Across the board percentage-based pay rises have also meant that the gap between managers salaries and those of train drivers has grown ever larger. In simple terms, a 5% pay rise gives a lot more to someone on £100,000 than to someone on £50,000 .


Many grades have already benefited from the ability to work flexibly. Being able to work remotely means a big saving in travel time and a real improvement in work life balance. This is a benefit denied to Drivers and Instructor Operators who have to physically be in the workplace.


It is only fair that driving grades should be compensated with a reduction in working hours and an additional pay rise above and beyond that agreed for grades who can work flexibly.


ASLEF want pay and conditions negotiations to take place promptly without delays from management. As always we will report on progress to local  branch meetings and encourage all members to attend if possible.


 The full ASLEF claim is set out below.

Best regards,

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.



The 2024 ASLEF Pay and Conditions claim for our members on London Underground including Fleet and the Asset Performance Directorate.


We are seeking a fully consolidated RPI plus pay rise, with all pay bands inflated in line with the general rise, for all our member grades as well as progress on all our outstanding claims listed elsewhere including,


·         A 4-day 32-hour week.


·         Improvements in travel benefits that at a minimum equate to a restoration of privilege travel facilities to all staff.


·         An increase in the overtime rate.


The February RPI rate, which historically forms the basis for pay discussions was 4.5%.




  • We also note that Train Drivers on London Underground are paid substantially less than drivers doing similar roles on the TfL branded Elizabeth Line and London Overground who are contracted to a 34-hour week over 4 days.


  • The gap between a drivers’ salary and that of management grades has increased substantially over time as a result of across-the-board percentage-based pay rises.


  • Many other grades have also benefited from the ability to work more flexibly including enjoying the reduction in traveling time and improvement in work life balance that comes with the ability to work remotely.


  • ASLEF believes that this unfair differential needs to be reduced as part of this pay round.


For that reason, a key element of our 2024 pay and conditions claim is that we want an additional increase, above the general award, and a reduction in working hours for London Underground Train Drivers and Instructor Operators.




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