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Urgent action needed on exposure to tunnel dust.

The report published today by Imperial College into fine dust particles, known as PM2.5, on the London Underground makes worrying reading for tube drivers and their families.


While the report did not demonstrate a direct link between current levels of sickness on the Underground and exposure to PM2.5 particles, long term exposure is potentially dangerous and could lead to higher risks of heart disease, strokes and cancers.


Levels of exposure for drivers, especially on deep tube lines with old stock are far, far too high. While LU management will say they are within U.K. standards, they are vastly greater than those set by the World Health Organisation. Many drivers spend decades working in conditions that could put their health at risk.


Your Health and Safety reps have repeatedly raised concerns about air quality with management. We believe that they have been far too slow to act. They have hidden behind the need for “more studies” instead of moving rapidly to make improvements that would make the workplace safer.


ASLEF are insisting on an immediate meeting with TfL directors and medical professionals to hear their responses to this report. The time for prevarication and procrastination has passed. We need urgent action from management to address this problem and to demonstrate to staff that every possible step is being taken to make sure that the risk to members is genuinely as low as reasonably practical.

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

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