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Underground Pay and Conditions talks update.

On Tuesday (09/07/24) the Underground trade unions met management for the second time to discuss our pay and conditions claims for 2024. The full ASLEF claim is set out below.

The first meeting had been a presentation on TfL’s financial situation and a discussion of the various items in the claims. This week management responded with an initial offer of a one-year deal of just 3%. The only improvement to conditions they offered was an increase in paid paternity leave from two to three weeks.

They ruled out any reduction in working hours and made no response to the ASLEF claim for an improved overtime rate and an additional increase for Train Drivers to reflect the gap between salaries on London Underground and those on the Overground and the Elizibeth Line.

Management also said that they want to freeze pay bands, meaning that some people in middle management roles would see no increase to salary this year with many more affected in the future.

While management say they want to make fast progress, this is a completely inadequate starting point. The February RPI inflation rate, to which LU salaries are normally linked was 4.5%, which means this is the minimum amount needed just to maintain the value of wages in real terms. RPI is also the inflation measure used for calculating rail fare rises, but this year the company say they want to use the CPIH measure of inflation for pay talks simply because it is lower!

ASLEF immediately rejected this offer. It ignores the key points of reducing working hours and a real improvement in salaries and overtime rates that our members have told us you expect.

Further meetings are planned for July 23rd and August 6th but unless there is a major change in the company’s position and a reasonable offer is made, ASLEF members will be getting ready to take action for the fair deal they need and deserve.

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

The 2024 ASLEF Pay and Conditions claim for our members on London Underground including Fleet and the Asset Performance Directorate.


We are seeking a fully consolidated RPI plus pay rise, with all pay bands inflated in line with the general rise, for all our member grades as well as progress on all our outstanding claims listed elsewhere including,


·         A 4-day 32-hour week.


·         Improvements in travel benefits that at a minimum equate to a restoration of privilege travel facilities to all staff.


·         An increase in the overtime rate.


The February RPI rate, which historically forms the basis for pay discussions was 4.5%.




  • We also note that Train Drivers on London Underground are paid substantially less than drivers doing similar roles on the TfL branded Elizabeth Line and London Overground who are contracted to a 34-hour week over 4 days.


  • The gap between a drivers’ salary and that of management grades has increased substantially over time as a result of across-the-board percentage-based pay rises.


  • Many other grades have also benefited from the ability to work more flexibly including enjoying the reduction in traveling time and improvement in work life balance that comes with the ability to work remotely.


  • ASLEF believes that this unfair differential needs to be reduced as part of this pay round.


For that reason, a key element of our 2024 pay and conditions claim is that we want an additional increase, above the general award, and a reduction in working hours for London Underground Train Drivers and Instructor Operators.


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