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Don't get pushed into prodding !

At last London Underground have issued some guidance for Train Operators dealing with unresponsive passengers when detraining. It's an all too common problem on late turns and especially on Night Tube services where drivers are often left alone in isolated locations to deal with drunks and those under the influence of drugs.

Of course, the real solution would be to have sufficient staff to make sure those not fit to travel were not allowed on to the system in the first place, and to assist at all detrainment and reversing locations. But with Government cuts leaving a £700 million black hole in TfL's budget and huge cuts to police numbers, train drivers are far too often left to deal with problems on their own.

Much of the guidance is common sense; the most important thing is to put your safety first and never go into a situation where you or others could be put at risk. But ASLEF H&S reps strongly disagree with managements advice to try to wake unresponsive passengers by "taping them on the foot or shoulder" . We believe that making physical contact could provoke a violent response or lead to allegations of assault.

If you need help, ask for station staff or the BTP if necessary. If a situation appears dangerous, go to a place of safety. Don't be pushed into doing anything you believe is unsafe.

Your ASLEF Trains Health and Safety Reps believe this new guidance is just not good enough and will be raising this at the highest level of the machinery.

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