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ASLEF want full time jobs for Night Tube drivers.

Since management decided to recruit part time staff to operate Night Tube services, ASLEF has always argued that they should receive all of the benefits that full-time staff get. No one should be treated less favourably because they are employed part time.

London Underground has now started to advertise for full time train driver roles, but they are refusing to allow Night Tube drivers to take these positions. Instead they are recruiting from other grades and potentially from outside the company.

ASLEF’s position is that this is not fair and not acceptable. Many Night Tube drivers accepted a part time role as a stepping stone to full time employment. Now they will see others jump ahead of them and may have to wait years for another chance to go full time.

This issue will be discussed at the highest level of the LUL negotiating machinery, the Company Council on February 2nd. If management are not prepared to treat Night Tube drivers fairly, then we will consult members on action to protect their interests.

Open meeting for NT drivers

Thursday 9th February

13.30 Lucas Arms

245 Greys Inn Road WC1X 8QY

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