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Tramlink management say NO ! NO ! NO !

Yesterday afternoon, (Feb 2nd) your ASLEF reps met Tramlink management to discuss our pay claim.

Our previous agreement, which delivered three years of inflation plus pay rises and a reduction in the working week, ran until last November so a pay rise for this year is already three months overdue.

ASLEF have pointed out the huge efforts made by our members throughout the pandemic. While others were able to stay safely working from home, frontline staff kept services running, risking your own safety to "do your bit". But despite this, management said that they are not prepared to offer any pay increase. They claim that Government restrictions on the rail industry and the crises in TfL funding mean that "their hands are tied". They refused to make any improvements to pay, pensions or other benefits.

We cannot accept this. Tramlink is not covered by the Governments arrangements with the national railway. It receives funding from TfL that is linked to inflation. Refusing staff, a pay rise means more profit is generated for FirstGroup to be passed to its shareholders. It means less for you so that they can have more!

With energy costs rocketing, interest rates going up and inflation heading above 7%, a pay freeze would mean a big cut in your real household income. ASLEF told management that we are not prepared to accept that.

A report will now go to the ASLEF Executive Committee, and we will discuss the next steps with members. By sticking together and being prepared to stand up for ourselves, we have made huge improvements in pay and conditions over the last decade. We will need to be ready to take action to maintain the living standards we have worked so hard to obtain.

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

ASLEF The Union for Drivers on Croydon Tramlink.

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