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Special LU Company Council meeting update.

A special joint London Underground/ Tubelines Company Council was held this afternoon via conference call. Among the key issues discussed were:

TfL financial position;

There has been a massive drop in revenue from passengers and advertising. This is expected to continue even when the lockdown is eased due to falls in tourism, a potential economic recession and more people working from home. Financial support will be needed from the Government for the system to keep operating.

LU are reviewing all areas of the business to see which members of staff can be put on furlough using the Governments job retention scheme. This will include people who are shielding and long-term sick as well as areas where work has decreased or there is no work.

Management confirmed that all staff placed on furlough will get 100% of their salary paid and there will be no impact on conditions of employment. Individual employees will see no difference in their pay and pension as the company will be claiming back the payments from HMRC.

The company is carrying out an exercise to identify who will be affected and they intend to implement this from Monday April 27th. This leaves very little time for either individuals or the trade unions to be properly consulted on this. As soon as we get more details, we will share them.


The company are producing guidelines on use of masks and gloves for station staff assisting passengers taken ill. ASLEF pointed out that in some circumstances, such as a PEA operation, drivers may have to go back to assist but there is no provision of PPE.

Although the Mayor has called for all passengers to have top use face coverings, the LU position is that would have to be a Government instruction and they currently have no plans for this. They will keep this under constant review.

Analysis is also taken p;ace of tasks in engineering etc where social

distancing is not possible and PPE will be needed

Implementation of the pay deal;

ASLEF asked for confirmation of when the agreed pay rise would be implemented and back pay paid.

Management said this normally takes about 12 weeks but will take longer than normal as all pay roll staff are now remote working. They said payments will be in July. ASLEF pointed out there are two pay dates in July and asked for confirmation that the rise and back pay would be on the first date. We will update as soon as we get a response.


New timetable and duty sheets.

There has been no further discussion on this since the proposed new timetable and duty sheets were withdrawn two weeks ago. Although management have indicated they want to have another meeting nothing has been arranged yet.

ASLEF position is that although we understand there will be a need to ramp up services for when the lockdown restrictions are eased; this will have to be done in a way that does not increase the risk to staff. Any proposed new duties will have to be consulted on locally as normal and must maintain provision for social distancing for as long as public health authorities are advising it.

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