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Imposition of Duty sheets on London Underground

Following resolutions from branches across the combine the ASLEF Executive Committee this afternoon discussed London Underground management’s decision to impose duty sheets across the network from next Sunday April 26th. These duty sheets have been rejected at all levels of the machinery of negotiation.

No agreement was reached at a further Ad-hoc Directors meeting today. Management intend to go ahead with imposition.

The current emergency timetables allow drivers to maintain social distancing and minimise unnecessary interactions. ASLEF have repeatedly offered to work with management to bring in new duties in a way that is safe and delivers the required level of service. They have rebuffed our offer and insist on unilaterally imposing the new duties.

The EC have decided to inform London Underground that we are now in dispute. At the earliest opportunity, we will begin a ballot for industrial action. It is of course impossible to do this before next Sunday. The law requires trade unions to give extensive notice of a ballot and follow a convoluted procedure before taking any action. This is made practically impossible by the balloting organisations being shut down at present. Management on the other hand are seemingly allowed to ignore agreements and procedures with impunity.

The ASLEF Executive Committee will also be reminding members of their legal right to refuse to work on Health and Safety grounds in circumstances where they face serious and imminent danger.

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