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ASLEF members; Vote Yes to protect your future on London Underground.

From today ASLEF members across London Underground will receive ballot papers as we fight to protect our agreements and working conditions.

Since the start of the pandemic ASLEF reps and members have worked with London Underground management to deliver the best and safest service possible. The dedication and self-sacrifice of our members meant that tube services continued to operate so that essential workers could travel, and London continue to function even at the height of the lockdown.

We recognise that there will be changes ahead for public transport in London. But changes have to come through negotiation and agreement, not politically motivated imposition. ASLEF have asked London Underground to commit to honouring all existing agreements, but they have refused to do so. That is why we are in dispute.

Just months ago, the Transport Secretary was praising the co-operation of trade unions in keeping public transport operating. Now the Prime Minister describes trade unions as “shackles” and boasts about wanting to introduce driverless trains.

When our members risked their own safety to keep our city moving, they were called heroes. But they are not asking to be treated as heroes. They simply want a commitment that their terms and conditions of employment will be honoured, and any changes will come by agreement.

Our aim is not to cause disruption or to have to take strike action. It is to make sure that our members futures are protected; that we maintain decent salaries, protect our working conditions and agreements. To do that we need a large YES vote so management know that we will not simply allow all we have worked so hard to achieve to be taken away.

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