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  • Trevor Robinson ASLEF rep Elephant & Castle

Bakerloo line dispute on WTT45/46

Yesterday (Dec 2nd) your ASLEF reps met with management regarding our dispute on WTT45/46.

  • The recast promised at the last meeting to start in May 2020 has now been brought forward to March. Although not ideal,this brings it forward by two months. The proposal from your ASLEF reps to increase stepping back at Elephant & Castle from 2 to 3 trains will now be given some serious thought to be included in WTT46.

  • Areas where SATS duties had been neglected due to staff shortages will now be staffed as a priority and hopefully will lead to shorter dwell times in the platforms affected.

  • Service Control will continue to actively take a train out each peak to give the service some breathing space. A list of all trains that have been taken out since out last meeting was presented to all reps present.

  • The attitude of service control to drivers and the need to be more proactive with the information given was raised. Service Control apologised and stated that they are understaffed and feeling the effect of this time table as much as we are and sometimes might come across as abrupt.

  • At the last meeting, ASLEF requested an amnesty for drivers who have safety related incidents and carry out the correct procedure. While managment are not keen on the word amnesty, ASLEF made clear that as long as the wording reflects and ensures that no driver loses their job as a consequence of WTT 44/45 we are not hung up on the word. Management will write to us within seven days to formally reply to ASLEF's request.

Management were reminded of our members feelings and that we are still in dispute as this does not go far enough as it stands.

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