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Cab Security Update

At a routine meeting today with management, we were informed that the contract to supply and install the new J door security feature has now been awarded.

Whilst this is good news it was very disappointing to now be told that due to unforeseen design complexities that a small delay to the installation start date has occurred and the new date will be January 2020 for the Waterloo & City line.

Although this delay is a small set back, you can rest assured that work is guaranteed to go ahead and some evidence of this can been seen in the latest version of the OTM magazine.

ASLEF have always insisted that the Train Operators security and in this case the cab is essential and a priority.

Only ASLEF THSC took management to task to develop and install a safer system for the train operators cab, and with your support we have been successful, being included from start to finish including the designing of the equipment you see today.We would rather a short delay occur and get the work done right first time round than rush it and get things wrong, LU has been open and transparent with us all along and still emphasises the completion date for the end of 2020.

Learning and Development in full consultation with us have produced training material for face to face briefings including a supporting video of how the security device works.

Training for the Waterloo and City line should start in December this year, with a continued roll out across the combine.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any member of the THSC

ASLEF Trains Health and Safety Council.


We lead, others follow, way behind

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