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  • Mark Mc Mullen ASLEF THSC rep

Workplace violence update.

Pan TfL WPV Strategy meeting held on 13th November 2019

Following recent meetings involving all business units within TfL, we were informed by the Managing Director London Underground after continuous pressure by ASLEF of what they intended doing to address many of the staff assaults that have occurred through out London Underground and the support given to staff following an assault.

We were informed the first phase of this would start Spring 2020 and include;

• Recruiting an additional 150 enforcement officers that will give above and beyond support to existing staff, they will work with the police and attend many community groups including schools. They will also increase the BTP compliment by a further 50 officers who will create a dedicated task force for dealing with Workplace Violence

• Recruit an additional 60 Revenue Control officers

• Invest in availability of body worn cameras, currently planned to be 250 for station staff to use; which will be purely on a voluntary basis if they choose to wear one.

• They intend to strengthen the trauma support services offered to staff.

• Also double the number of staff working on the internal WPV units from 11 to 22

ASLEF welcomed these proposals which the company will forward in writing, we went further and insisted the current culture of PA announcements of unavailability of drivers was unacceptable and must be stopped with immediate effect.

We also insisted that support from management and trauma support be readily available to all staff, particularly those staff working on the Night Tube.

We also commented regarding the aggressive and somewhat abusive attitudes of senior management staff when speaking or working with front line staff needs to be stopped; surprisingly the MD agreed and informed they were aware of this problem and will not tolerate it.

We will of course keep you updated as and when we receive more information and updates and look forward to TfL taking its staff seriously.

ASLEF the Union that matters.

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