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Stay Safe on Night Tube !

Guidance from ASLEF Trains Health and Safety Council Reps.

Lone working – as Train Operators we are lone workers day or night. But the likelihood of incidents of anti-social behaviour is higher late in the evening and on Night Tube services.

If something happens to you or on your train it is important to report it. Always report directly to Service Control via Connect Radio at the time of the incident. You should then ask the TM to log it and ensure the incident is captured in an Electronic Incident Recording Form (EIRF). You should tell your ASLEF Representatives about what has happened so they can follow up with management.

  • Indecent exposure and unacceptable sexual activity in a public place is a criminal act that should be reported immediately using the Emergency Call function. You should go to a safe place and await assistance in any circumstances where you feel at risk.

  • Unstaffed stations – whatever the time only open section stations can be left unstaffed. If something happens that may put you at risk, you should remain in your cab or go to a place of safety and make an Emergency Call on your Connect Radio. LU take responsibility for passengers on unstaffed stations. You should never do anything which may put your personal safety at risk.

  • Support by local Management – many Night Tube drivers have reported that they feel unsupported. Your ASLEF local reps will always do their best to help you get the support you need.

  • Trauma Support availability – when a traumatic incident occurs Trauma Support Group (TSG) members can offer assistance and we recommend you always request this. Contact your ASLEF rep if you have any difficulty accessing this.

Your ASLEF Trains Health and Safety Council reps are always available to advise and help in any way we can. Our contact details are here.

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