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  • Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser.

It’s time for a fair deal for London Underground drivers.

ASLEF reps on London Underground have unanimously rejected the company’s “full and final” pay offer. At a packed mass meeting, reps from across the combine endorsed the view of the negotiating team that the offer is simply not good enough. While we welcome the fact that management are now proposing a longer term settlement and reducing the working week, the current offer would mean accepting real terms cuts in pay in years 2 and 4 where it is not linked to the RPI rate of inflation. Nor does this offer do anything to close the salary gap between drivers on London Underground and other London train operating companies. While LU claims to pay above market rates to its staff, this is clearly not the case for train drivers who now earn substantially less than those on Crossrail and London Overground. ASLEF have repeatedly made clear to the company that has to be addressed as part of any settlement as well as improvements in travel benefits and Boxing Day payments. A report will now go the ASLEF Executive Committee who will decide on the next steps as we fight for a fair deal for drivers and all Underground staff.

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