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Stop The Noise !

ASLEF Health and Safety reps demand action as penny pinching managers refuse to provide ear defenders to drivers.

For many months London Underground drivers have suffered unacceptable levels of noise due to London Underground installing ‘Pandrol Vanguard’ rail fixings. These were designed to reduce noise levels in the properties above tube tunnels but have resulted in huge increases in noise levels inside the trains.

London Underground have consistently stated that noise levels are within ‘legal limits’ and are refusing to provide adequate protection, such as ear defenders for drivers to mitigate the problem until a fix can be found.

ASLEF again raised the issue with London Underground’s Director of Safety yesterday and demanded that ear defenders are provided to all drivers on the affected lines.

We made it very clear to management that their continued inability to deal with a problem which they created, means that we will be left with no option other than to ballot for industrial action.

Some drivers choose to drive at reduced speed in these ‘Pandrol Vanguard’ areas. They will have the full support of this union in acting to protect their health and safety.

London Underground stated that they were considering setting up a

‘working group’ to deal with the issue. We advised them that it was too late for another talking shop and demanded they they act now !

LU will respond to us by next Friday to tell us what their plan of action is. A further update will then be sent to members.

A report will also go to the ASLEF Executive Committee. If Underground management are not prepared to act to protect the safety of our members, then we will not hesitate to do what is needed.

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