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  • Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser.

ASLEF Reps reject Underground pay offer.

"It's just not good enough" say ASLEF reps

A packed meeting of ASLEF local reps on Monday 29th April, unanimously rejected the London Underground pay offer of a one year 2.5% pay rise.

District Organiser Finn Brennan, Executive Committee member Terry Wilkinson and Trains Council reps reported that management have made no movement on any of the working conditions elements of our claim.

This is a “standstill” offer that simply means pay keeps pace with inflation rather than increasing in real terms. But reps from every depot on the combine agreed that we want to see progress towards our aims of a shorter working week, giving quality time off.

The other issues in our claim such as boxing day payments, paid meal relief and travel benefits also need to be addressed. You can see our full claim here.

More talks will take place later in May. It is clear that we are still a long way from an acceptable offer.

ASLEF will continue negotiating to achieve a fair settlement, but management need to be aware that our members patience is not inexhaustible.

Full reports will be given at your local ASLEF branch meeting.

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