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No progress in Tramlink talks. ASLEF members will strike next Thursday March 28th.

Talks at ACAS on our pay and conditions dispute with FirstTram Operations, who operate the Croydon Tram system, have ended without agreement. ASLEF members will strike next Thursday, March 28th. Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser said, “Our members showed their reaction to the companies pay offer by returning a Yes vote of 99.1% in favour of strike action, on a turn out of almost 90%. Management have not changed that offer. Despite six months of talks, management are not prepared to make an offer that recognises that our members do a difficult and stressful job and deserves to be properly rewarded. Staff on Tramlink have seen their pension benefits slashed and are paid much less than those in similar roles in other TfL modes. They want to see real improvements to reflect the responsible job they do” Note: 127 ASLEF members were balloted and 114 returned their votes. An 89.8% turnout. 113 voted Yes to strike action with just one vote against. A 99.1% Yes vote. ASLEF members will not sign for duties between 00.01 and 23.59 on Thursday March 28th. 

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