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Pay talks today.

Today, (Wednesday 27th) your ASLEF negotiating team, along with the other trade unions, met with London Underground senior management to discuss our pay and conditions claim for 2019. The focus of this initial meeting was a lengthy presentation from management on the financial challenges that LU faces as a result of the removal of the operational grant and the decision to freeze fares. The cuts being made are the largest in TfL’s history. Over two thousand jobs have been eliminated via “Fit for the Future” and “Transformation “ programs. Cuts to capital investment have meant the cancellation of plans for extra trains on the Northern and Jubilee lines as well as other program.

But despite this, London Underground actually makes a large financial surplus every year which is used to subsidise other parts of the TfL group. In fact the LU operating surplus is projected to grow to 1.4 billion per year and passenger revenue by 25%.  That means that they can afford to meet our claim.

The financial issues TfL face have come about because of politically driven decisions and the mismanagement of the Crossrail project. It is not acceptable for our members to suffer cuts to their living standards to pay for for these.  LU staff have continued to work hard to deliver the best service possible despite these cuts and the extra pressure they have brought. We and the other unions explained our claims in detail to management and told them that we are determined to see real improvements in pay conditions. You can see our full pay claim here. Tomorrow morning, Thursday 28th, we will meet again to hear managements response. We will update members again after that meeting. Best regards, Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser.

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