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  • Julian Vaughan ASLEF Trains H&S Council rep

Cab Security Update

As a result of the ASLEF ballot last year, London Underground committed to securing Cab J doors. A project team is now in place to deliver this. Your ASLEF H&S reps met LU management again on February 5th to run through the requirements of the Cab Security project to ensure all aspects were covered and assign the importance of each requirement in terms of ‘must have’, ‘should have’ or not actually required.

Most of the requirements on the list were agreed by all parties, engineering, project team and the Union representatives.

Some particular points to note:

 The new secure lock must be fitted onto all passenger stocks and include future stocks such as‘Deep Level’ tube stocks and any other stocks introduced on LU for passenger service. LU will provide this assurance to us in writing.

 The security lock will be powered by the batteries and must function until the batteries go flat.There was a discussion about what affect the lock will have on the battery in terms of battery life which should last for two hours.

 We asked that a defined force (strength of the magnetic lock) is agreed and placed in the relevant technical specification. The lock must resist attempts to open by readily available hand tools such as a screwdriver.

 The time delay for the lock will be agreed at a future workshop between all relevant parties.

 ASLEF stressed the importance of LU being open and transparent and immediately advising us of any potential slippages in the project timeline as set out in the Cab Security TU Reps briefing version 1.3

 ASLEF raised the issue of what happens when the secure lock goes defective, either the alarm not able to be muted or the lock going defective. A cut out, and the location of it, was discussed. LU said this wasn’t in the original scope and may cause a delay to the project timings.

 While other union reps were relaxed about project timeline slippage, ASLEF Reps advised LU that we are only around the table due to the ballot conducted in the autumn of 2018 which remains live. The impression we got is that the Project team feel the current timeline is very ambitious.

We will have more information when we receive the updated requirements list and will continue to report to branches on progress.

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