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  • Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser.

ASLEF members at Barking prepared to strike.

ASLEF members at Barking, covering drivers on the East End of the District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines have voted by over 85% in favour of strike action on a turnout of 67 %.

The dispute is about management at the depot failing to work to the Trains Framework agreement and Attendance At Work procedure.

These are issues that local management should have quickly resolved by sticking to established working practices instead of trying to circumvent them. By failing to discount accidents at work; issuing maximum length warnings as standard; having the same manager act as judge and jury at local disciplinary interviews and failing to abide by the lateness procedure management at Barking are blatantly breaking the AAW procedure.

They are also trying to circumvent the Trains Framework agreement by issuing jobs to drivers on cover turns without an official meal relief inside 5.15 mins of booking on and refusing to turn trains to avoid forced overtime.

Once again we have been forced to ballot for industrial action because London Underground management simply refuse to engage to solve industrial relations issues until members are ready to strike. It's no way to run a railway !

The ASLEF Executive Committee has now called strike action at Barking for Thursday January 10th and Wednesday 23rd. We will not hesitate to escalate this action id needed to ensure these issues are properly resolved.

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