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ASLEF’s strong stand delivers on Cab Security.

The determined campaign by ASLEF Health & Safety Council reps, supported by EC member Terry Wilkinson, has delivered real progress on making driving cabs secure. Management and your reps have now agreed on a prototype lock that will be developed over the next six months. Once the procurement process is complete, the lock will be installed on trains across the Underground network. The lock will meet our twin objectives of securing the cab from intruders while allowing access in an emergency by using a combination of a key and an override mechanism. We believe this will make the job safer for every driver and provide a better working environment for those who feel most vulnerable. Based on this progress, the ASLEF Executive Committee has decided to suspend the combine wide strike planned for December 7th. There is no doubt that this has only been achieved by the determination and persistence of your ASLEF Health and Safety reps. They refused to take No for an answer and visited branches and depots across the Underground to explain the importance of the issue and ensure we got the Yes vote needed to persuade management to stop procrastinating and deliver on making your workplace safer. While every train driver will benefit from this, only ASLEF supported this campaign, only ASLEF balloted for industrial action. We will always be prepared to stand up for Train Drivers safety and working conditions. Your H&S reps will be closely monitoring progress to ensure that secure cabs are rolled out across our the combine as quickly as possible. 

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