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  • Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser.

Rock solid strike on the Central. Now vote Yes to win the fight.

Despite cold and rain, pickets were out once again on the Central line on Wednesday Nov 7th as ASLEF's fight for fair treatment at work continued.

The strike was 100 % solid; not a single train ran on the Central or Waterloo & City lines. Drivers on the line can be proud of their determination to support their colleagues and stand up to management. They are an inspiration, not just to other Underground staff, but to workers everywhere.

ASLEF have been clear that many of the issues that led to this dispute also effect drivers in other areas. At the requests of our local branches, the Executive Committee has now started the process of balloting members on the Hammersmith and City line as well as District line drivers at Barking and Northern line drivers at Morden.

Ballot papers will be sent out later this month to be returned by December 11th.

If management want to avoid the escalation of this dispute, they need to engage now to find a fair solution and to start abiding by existing agreements instead of trying to circumvent them.

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