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Jubilee Line ballot on imposed rosters.

ASLEF members on the Jubilee line are receiving ballot papers this week in our dispute over the imposition of a new timetable and duties without agreement. As part of the settlement of our dispute last year, management committed to maintain current levels of weekend working as the service expands. But the new Timetable 15 will mean additional Saturday working at each depot on the line. Management argue that this is just a small increase, but if they can get away with it this time, then expect to see big jumps in weekend and unsocial hours working in the future. We know from bitter experience that if London Underground management are given an inch they will take a mile !

These rosters are being imposed, and duties moved between depots,

with no regard to the impact on work life balance of drivers on the line. Management have totally ignored every suggestion made by your reps for improvements. Their attitude seems to be “ if you don’t like it you can lump it”.

When senior ASLEF officials met with LU directors to try to resolve the dispute, management were not prepared to change their position in anyway. We need a big Yes vote from every ASLEF member on the Jubilee line to stop management ignoring your agreements and imposing even worse duties in the future. Support your union. Vote Yes and return your ballot paper as soon as possible. If you have not received a ballot paper, please speak to your local rep or phone ASLEF Head Office on 0207324240

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