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  • Finn Brennan

Earls’ Court ballot for strike action

ASLEF members at Earls’ Court will receive ballot papers this week in the dispute over the application of the SPAD policy. Members at Acton Town are due to strike on Wednesday April 11th.

Despite management’s efforts to claim this is about just one case, this dispute effects every driver. If management are allowed to ignore agreements and pick and choose how they apply policies and procedures, then everyone is at risk.

ASLEF believe in standing up for our members. We believe every driver deserves to be treated fairly.

Instead of sitting down with us over the last two months to find a way to resolve this dispute, London Underground has focused on threatening legal action against your Union. They want to stop you from being able to take any action to protect yourselves and your colleagues.

That is why we need a big Yes vote for strike action. We need to send a message

to management that we want fair treatment, not a culture where managers can ignore agreements. You can read more information about the background to this dispute here.

Please contact your local rep or phone ASLEF Head Office on 0207 3242400 if you have not received a ballot paper by Friday March 30th.

Support your Union. Support your colleagues.

VOTE YES and return your ballot paper as soon as possible.

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