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ASLEF pay agreement delivers 3.85% pay rise on London Underground !

As the final stage of our current pay deal, negotiated after two days of strike action in 2015, London Underground will increase salaries by 3.85% from April. This will bring a rise of around £2,039 for Train Drivers to £ 55,011 per annum.

Salaries for I/Ops, part time and night tube drivers will also increase by 3.85% on a pro-rata basis. This is based on the February retail price index (RPI) inflation measure of 3.6 plus 0.25% This means we have succeeded in delivering a pay rise for train drivers of £5,338 during this deal. We have done this without making any concessions on drivers working conditions, the only grade to achieve this! Weekend working levels have been capped, progress has been made on improving work life balance and on increasing career development opportunities. ASLEF has achieved this against the background of Government driven austerity that means real wages across the UK economy have fallen year after year, and cuts to TfL's budget have created a billion pound "black hole". Despite these achievements we know we can not afford to be complacent. We want to keep building on the progress we have made. Our priority for the year ahead will be defending your pension scheme, protecting Health and Safety and pushing for further improvements in working conditions. But we know we will only be able to achieve these things with the support of our membership, the women and men at the front, who keep London moving. Only a strong trade union can protect your future. That is why we encourage every member to get involved in your local branch and encourage colleagues to join ASLEF, the only union focused on looking after the interests of our grade.

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