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Cab security. Update from District Organiser.

After yet another report of a passenger bursting into a train cab on the Central Line last week, I have written to Managing Director Mark Wild to ask for an update on what London Underground plan to do to make driving cabs secure.

Our Health & Safety reps have repeatedly been told that options are being looked at, funding is being sought, plans are being made.

But there is no sign that anything is actually being done !

Understandably, many members now feel that they are just being fobbed off and TfL are just not willing to spend the money to get this work done.

We all understand the huge impact of Government cuts on TfL finances, but keeping staff and the operation of the system safe has to be a priority.

I will be reporting to the ASLEF Executive Committee on the response I recieve from the M.D. and how we as a Trade Union should react to keep our members safe.

Finn Brennan 

ASLEF District Organiser.

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