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Acton District drivers to strike as management not prepared to discuss abuse of SPAD policy.

Last month ASLEF members at Acton Town voted by 98% in favour of strike action in a dispute over the application of the SPAD policy on the line.

Instead of sitting down to find a way to resolve this dispute, London Underground management have not even offered to meet to discuss it. Your Executive Committee have now decided to give London Underground notice that our members at Acton District will not be booking on for duties starting between 00:01 and 23:59 on Wednesday 28th March 2018.

Taking strike action should always be a last resort. but when management are not even prepared to take the opportunity to resolve issues by discussion and negotiation then we have to be ready to take action. This dispute is not about one individual or one case. It is about defending our agreed policies and procedures for everyone.

If management can pick and chose who to get rid of regardless of fair and equitable agreements, then every driver is at risk.

This dispute will now be escalated to other depots on the SSR lines as requested by our branches if management are not prepared to find a resolution.

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