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  • Finn Brennan

Delayed on Night Tube? Don't blame the drivers !

Ignoring protests from staff, LU are still carrying on with public announcements and Twitter messages that blame delays on “absence of drivers”.

This just encourages passengers to attack frontline staff rather than put the responsibility where it belongs; on the people who have failed to recruit, train and roster enough staff !

This is especially a problem on Night Tube services where the failure to plan for promotion and transfers has led to huge holes in the service.

ASLEF will keep on raising this at Director level and City Hall until this practice stops. We believe it risks putting staff at real danger of abuse or assault.

Just as importantly, we want London Underground to ensure enough staff are available to provide adequate coverage at all times services are operating.

Drivers and other Underground staff work hard to keep keep services moving, especially in bitter weather conditions like these. They deserve support from their managers, not public messages that undermine them !

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