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Vote Yes at Acton Town, District line. Support your Union for a fair deal for every

ASLEF members at Acton Town are now getting ballot papers in a dispute over the fair application of the SPAD policy.

Despite management propaganda, this dispute is about much more than one driver. It is about making sure that policies are applied properly and fairly. Senior managers should not be ignoring agreements to insist that drivers lose their job before a case conference is even held. They must not be allowed to pick and choose which policies they apply depending on their personal views.

Every driver is entitled to be treated fairly and to be supported if you make mistakes or have to deal with personal problems. But if line General Managers can simply tell their team to get rid of anyone regarded as a problem, then everyone is at risk.

Despite attempts to resolve this by the appeals process and at a meeting between ASLEF officials and LU directors, senior management refuse to change their position in any way. They are clear that they don't care about the views of staff or the union. As they get ready to push through changes to the way we work under the guise of "modernisation", they want to be able to have their own way whatever the impact on staff.

We need a big Yes vote to force management to think again and show them that drivers are not ready to be pushed around in the way that other LU staff have already been. Motions in support of the dispute have passed at both of the ASLEF branches on the line and the Executive Committee will discuss the next steps to take.

But the union can only act to support our members if we have a strong Yes vote that demonstrates we have the backing of members. Anti union laws mean

that there must be a high turnout for the result to be valid. Members at Acton Town should contact ASLEF Head Office immediately on 0207 324 2400 if you have not received your ballot paper.

To support your union, your colleagues and to protect your own future, VOTE YES and return your ballot paper.10.00 hrs on Wednesday Feb 14th.

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