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  • Finn Brennan

Dispute at Acton Town is a fight for fairness for every driver.

Today the ASLEF Executive Committee has decided to give London Underground legal notice of a ballot for industrial action of our members at Acton Town, District line.

This is because of management’s decision to undermine the agreed SPAD policy and redeploy one of our colleagues to stations without giving him a fair opportunity to improve his performance and deal with the issues that had caused him problems.

Your ASLEF reps believe it is only right that we stand together to support every one of our workmates. But this dispute is not just about one individual. It is about making sure that every driver at the depot is treated fairly in the future.

If management are allowed to get away with undermining the agreed SPAD policy, then this will just be the first case of many. No drivers job is safe if managers can simply pick and choose which policies they will apply and how they will apply them.

ASLEF have tried to resolve this issue by the appeals process, but despite management admitting the many mistakes and errors they have made, they have refused to change their decision.

Arrangements are now being made to send out ballot papers to be returned by 10.00 hrs on Wednesday Feb 14th. To support your colleagues and protect your own future, VOTE YES and return your ballot paper.

Remember that the anti-union legislation means that unless there is a high turnout, your union can not take action to support members. So please use your vote.

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