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  • Finn Brennan

Update on ACAS talks

Yesterday (Wed Sept 27th) your ASLEF Trains Council Reps, Executive Committee member Terry Wilkinson and I again met with senior London Underground management at talks arranged by ACAS.

We spoke in detail about the four key issues in dispute; reducing weekend working; giving drivers the option to reduce the numbers of shifts you work on a pro-rata basis; the option of four-day week rosters for those who want to volunteer for them; and improving career development and promotional opportunities.

We expect management to now formally respond on all these points and will meet again on Monday morning.

Just as important as the individual items is the principle that that an employer cannot be allowed to walk away from commitments made as part of a pay settlement. If we were to allow that to happen, then all our agreements and working conditions would be put at risk.

That is why your elected Executive Committee has called strike action for duties booking on between 00:01 and 23:59 on Thursday October 5th. ASLEF picket lines will be in place at all train crew depots and all members are encouraged to take part.

As you would expect, your negotiating team will keep working hard to try to find a settlement that avoids the necessity of a strike, but we know that train drivers across the combine will stand firm and united to protect the interests of our grade and our future working conditions if we have to do so.

We will send out further updates as soon as there is anything new to report.

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