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  • Finn Brennan

Tramlink members 95% vote in favour of action

ASLEF members on London Tramlink have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action in the dispute over the introduction of intrusive new technology without agreement.

Our members returned a 95% vote in favour of strike action.

Safety is always our key priority but ASLEF have serious reservations about the system that Tramlink have started to implement. We are opposed to inwards facing cameras and do not believe that this would have prevented the accident last year. We believe cameras can be used to scapegoat individuals rather than deal with the real problems that cause accidents. Our members are also worried about the possible health implications of the device.

We have started discussions with Tramlink about a basket of measures to deal with the underlying problems of fatigue. There also needs to be serious changes to polices so that drivers who make genuine mistakes are supported rather than subject to harsh and unnecessary discipline.

ASLEF now have a mandate to announce strike action if and when that becomes necessary. Your Company Council reps will continue to report on progress in talks to the Executive Committee who will decide on the appropriate next steps.

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