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  • Steve Crowley

Update for Night Tube Drivers.

Earlier in the year we balloted Night Tube train operators achieving a 100% yes vote. Following a dispute resolution meeting, the Director responsible responded with a way forward. However, there were a number of points we wanted clarification on and these were done and agreed with the Head of Operations Resourcing.

Following on from this dispute it has become clear that LU were training nowhere near the required 8 trainees per course as promised, even taking into account the reasons given.

Although Management Side identified and agreed, with Staff Side, the first 42 Night Tube train operators to be prioritised for full-time, many of these are still on Night Tube. When it became evident that Night Tube train operators were then being leap-frogged by other Night Tube train operators and full-time operators something had to be done.

ASLEF requested an ad- hoc Directors meeting and this took place on 24 August; nearly 4 weeks ago. By the time took place it also became evident that whole waiting lists were being leap-frogged by direct recruits from the ‘school’; including many of the first 42 prioritised Night Tube train operators.

We had, what we thought was a very productive meeting, they acknowledged we had a morale and procedural case, and we were given an assurance by the Director we would have a response well ahead of his departure from his current role, which ended today.

Despite providing a number of prompts for a response, as well as providing additional proof of what was still taking place, so far we have been completely ignored. Even on future courses there are still plans for Night Tube train operators to be leap-frogged with trainees at the ‘school’.

To exacerbate matters, there has been a complaint that when waiting lists were being distributed to representatives and Night Tube train operators this may breach Data Protection. So ‘we’ have been instructed not to distribute waiting lists to anyone. This means YOU are only permitted to ask your AG1, if they are available!!!, about your actual position on the specific waiting list. So there is now no way for you to personally verify if someone has been placed in front of you, whether in error or otherwise, or even that someone has been transferred directly in to the depot of your choice ahead of you.

At 14:00 on Tuesday 26 September there is an open meeting of all Night tube train operators on London Underground.

Lucas Arms, 245A Gray's Inn Road, King's Cross, London WC1X 8QY

This meeting will also be attended by the ASLEF Executive Committee member, Terry Wilkinson and District Organiser, Finn Brennan and members of the Trains Functional Council. At this meeting you have an opportunity to voice your concerns, know they will be listened to and that real action will follow. Please distribute this email as widely as possible. The outcome of this meeting will effect when you will become a full-time train operator.

Kind Regards

Steve Crowley

Staff Side Secretary

Trains Functional Council

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