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Our dispute affects every driver on LU. Vote YES and return your ballot paper today.

Later this afternoon, we will be attending talks at ACAS as we try to find a way forward in our dispute with LU. It is an extremely frustrating process. For months management have stalled and delayed, forcing us to ballot for industrial action before meeting at ACAS. Sadly, it is the same failed old tactics from LU management. Instead of seriously trying to resolve problems, they prevaricate, fail to engage, refuse to make proposals. That is why industrial relations have long been so poor on London Underground and show no sign of improving. ASLEF are balloting our members because we have been left with no other way to make sure that the commitments made as part of the last pay settlement are honoured; reducing the percentage of weekend working, options to work fewer shifts, giving those who chose to do so the option to move to a four day shift system and improved professional development. No self-respecting trade union could allow management to walk away from commitments made in a pay deal. If we were to do so, all our agreements would become worthless and all future working conditions would be in doubt. This is a dispute that affects every single driver on LU. If management can break agreements with impunity, we can be very sure they will do so. ASLEF is determined to make sure that doesn’t happen and we hope that drivers across the combine will support us. We know from bitter experience that only when we can demonstrate the support of our members will LU be forced to resolve these issues and keep their word. That is why it is so important that members Vote Yes and return your ballot paper as soon as possible. If you have not yet received your ballot paper you can contact Head Office on 0207 3242400 or your local rep. Trade Union legislation means that if people do not vote, we may not have the mandate we need to make management honour your agreements. So please don’t hesitate. Vote Yes and return your ballot paper today.

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