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ASLEF dispute with Tram Operations ltd.

The ASLEF Executive Committee has decided to give Tram Operations Ltd formal notice that we are in dispute over the the introduction of new technology into driving cabs without agreement.

Without any advance consultation with your union reps, TOL has started to put new infrared devices, which will photograph drivers faces, into your cabs. There has been no discussion with us about the safety of this system or how it is to be used. Instead management have simply started installing this system and once again have had no regard to the views of their staff.

We have continually told TOL that their repeated failure to consult with reps is not acceptable. To introduce new equipment, without going through normal process of discussion and agreement shows total disregard for their staff.

This cannot be allowed to continue. ASLEF want a more effective vigilance device, and the introduction of a modern automatic tram protection system. But we have seen no evidence that the “Guardian” system would have done anything to prevent the terrible accident at Sandilands.

Instead of trying to target and scapegoat drivers, TOL should be trying to reduce fatigue by improving rosters and operating a fair culture that encourages reporting and offers genuine support to staff. Placing a camera in the cab just adds to the pressure and stress on drivers who are already been targeted by members of the public and threatened with disciplinary action for minor infractions.

That is why we are balloting our members for industrial action. It is long past time to tell TOL that we are no longer prepared to be treated this way. Ballot papers will be distributed over the coming weeks and must be returned by 10:00 hrs on Monday 18th September 2017.

Please make sure to Vote Yes and return your ballot paper.

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