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J Door security update.

While the lack of security provided by the J door has always been an issue, recent guidance regarding active shooter and bladed weapon attacks on our trains has highlighted the lack of protection given to drivers by the ‘lock’ on the J door. ASLEF THSC Reps have been arguing for many months for a far more secure system to be fitted to provide a safe environment for drivers. During these discussions, in spite of management conceding that a driver’s cab was not a place of safety, they refused to take any action stating that we were scaremongering and any solution would be too expensive.

Despite being stonewalled at every step your ASLEF Trains H&S Council Reps persisted and LU, after crunching the numbers, have finally conceded that the lack of security offered by the J Door is a risk that needs to be addressed and a technical solution found. We understand that this will most likely be in the form of a ‘maglock’ that will lock/unlock dependent upon the operation of the train and will vary according to stock and mode of train control. This is a significant step forward, although there are a number of hurdles that remain. However, now that LU’s own numbers tell them that there is a real risk, they now have guilty knowledge of a risk to drivers that needs to be removed. If the remaining issues are overcome we will be looking at the middle of next year for the modifications to start. We will keep you updated on developments. It is vital that drivers report any cab intrusions to management and their H&S Rep as each example reinforces the case for improvements to be made. ASLEF Trains H&S Council reps 9th August 2017 

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