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London Underground in deep water over falsified test results.

Your ASLEF Health & Safety Reps have for some time been raising concerns about water system quality at a number of locations across the combine. These include discovering identical test results from different years and lack of any action when adverse water quality results have been returned. Following persistent pressure by the reps, management have conceded what the reps had suspected for some time, that falsification of test results had taken place. Although we understand and welcome that LU are now conducting numerous water system tests across the combine, serious concerns remain about LU’s approach to the management of their water systems. LU has agreed to ASLEF’s request for a full formal investigation (an FIR) into the issue, where we have insisted that the following be included in the Terms of Reference:- • A full review of the test results and risk assessments conducted by external contractors. • The effectiveness of the “assurance” process in relation to contractors working for LU. • The effectiveness of LU’s audit processes in relation to contractors. • How LU deal with the findings and recommended actions of the Legionella risk assessments. • Why repeated concerns raised by the H&S Reps were not acted upon earlier. • LU’s compliance with H&S law re Legionella risk assessments. Whoever London Underground contract out their work to, it remains the case that it is LU, not the contractor, which holds the legal responsibility for the safety of their premises and staff. We will continue to hold LU to account to ensure the safety of our members. Trains Health & Safety Council 25th July 2017 

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