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  • Finn Brennan

LU management must stop dragging their heels on pay deal commitments.

As part of the 2015/16 pay and conditions agreement with London Underground, a number of issues were referred to a Company Council Sub Group (CCSG) so that they could be jointly progressed with agreed deadlines. These items included:

• Trialling a four day – 36 hour working week on the Jubilee line for 6 months and; following a successful trial, extend the opportunity for four day, 36 hour working across the network.

• Introduce a range of pro-rata working arrangements. Launch these arrangements on or before 1 July 2017 and give existing train operators the opportunity to change the number of days they work (e.g. by 1, 2 or 3 days per week)

• Find new ways to resource weekend working from 1 July 2017, to allow: LU to maintain the same % of weekends off within rosters as the service expands, and the same % of Saturday/Sunday rest days

• Pursuing opportunities to create a reciprocal agreement with LOROL and TfL Rail for staff to move to other similar roles within the TfL group

• Working with staff to identify new opportunities to improve personal development within LU.

Despite numerous meetings, our negotiating team strongly feel that management are trying to frustrate progress and are not genuinely prepared to deliver on these commitments. A report on this has been sent to the ASLEF Executive Committee who have decided to advise the HR Director London Underground that the company’s failure to address the outstanding issues associated with the 2015/16 pay agreement is not acceptable to ASLEF.

If London Underground do not engage in a meaningful process to make sufficient progress to resolve these issues then they will be in dispute with ASLEF.

With your support, your ASLEF reps are determined to deliver on every aspect of the pay and conditions agreement. We are ready to keep talking to achieve this but management must stop dragging their heels. Full reports will be given at your branch meeting.

ASLEF pickets at Golders Green in 2015

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