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  • Finn Brennan

The Tories plan to target rail workers.

With so many election issues being discussed, one thing in the Tory manifesto that effects all rail workers has barely been mentioned.

If reelected, the Conservatives have committed to legislate for minimum service levels during industrial action. (See page 60 of their manifesto). That means, even if you vote by the large majority that is now required by law to strike, you won't be allowed to. You will have to continue to provide a train service.

You will still, on paper, have the right to strike but not the right to take real, effective action. Trade Unions' ability to negotiate fair settlements will be massively undermined.

Cuts to schools, policing and the NHS will hurt everyone. But rail workers will lose our ability to act effectively to protect our living standards, our working conditions and pensions if the Tories have a majority on Friday. We can of course expect the employers to take full advantage of this. For years they have wanted to attack wages and condition. This legislation will offer them a free hand to do so.

Politics is never a spectator sport: what we, our family and our friends decide to do on Thursday will have a very real and direct impact on our futures. Please do you all you can to encourage them to vote. More than in any recent election the outcome really matters to them and to you.

Conservative party Manifesto Page 60.

"We will work with train companies and their employees to agree minimum service levels during periods of industrial dispute – and if we cannot find a voluntary agreement, we will legislate to make this mandatory. "

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