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  • Steve Crowley

First NT drivers go full time from May 21st.

Following a Movements Committee meeting and a number of subsequent Management meetings, it has now been confirmed that the first 4 Night Tube train operators will go full-time on Sunday 21 May. Following these transfers, further transfers to the other depots will follow. The majority of these will be dependent on coverage by back-filling trainees qualifying as Night Tube train operators. Many of these are now in training.

To demonstrate Management’s commitment to the agreement allowing Night Tube train operators to go full-time, ASLEF asked for the list of the first 40 names expected to go full-time. These have now been provided. The numbers and locations of the first 42 expected transfers are below.

Elephant & Castle 1

Queen’s Park 2

West Ruislip 2

Hammersmith 2

Edgware Road 2

Acton Town (D) 4

Earl’s Court 5

Neasden 3

Harrow on the Hill 2

Golders Green 7

High Barnet 4

Cockfosters 5

Northfields 1

Acton Town (P) 2

Please note that some waiting lists have the same names near the top and, obviously, they can’t transfer to more than one location!

In the coming weeks and months Night Tube train operators will be informed when and where they will transfer to. The numbers and locations above are not a minimum but the first 42. As and when it becomes clear where additional train operators are needed a further update will be given.

Kind Regards


Steven Crowley

Staff Side Secretary

Trains Functional Council

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