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Referendum on NT proposal

ASLEF Night Tube members are now being sent referendum papers on the proposals to allow them to move into full time roles. These proposals will mean that;

  • Where a Night Tube Operator wishes to move to an available full-time Train Operator role (i.e. where there is no other Train Operator ahead of him/her on the relevant waiting list) the 18 months requirement will be waived;

  • In accordance with existing arrangements, no Night Tube Operator will be entitled to move to a full-time Train Operator role during their first twelve months of employment;

  • A Night Tube Operator will be entitled to move to an available full-time Train Operator Role once a replacement Night Tube Operator is available to backfill them;

  • All other existing arrangements and agreements will remain unchanged.

  • LU will seek to prioritise the recruitment and training of new Night Tube Operators to allow existing Night Tube Operators to move to full-time roles at the earliest opportunity. This training to commence with effect from 17 April 2017, and will continue with at least eight trainees per course (16 per period) until all of the required moves have been made.

  • The Trains Council movements committee will oversee this process to ensure that people are moved in the correct order.

ASLEF are recommending a Yes vote to accept these proposals which we believe will give the opportunity to move to a full time role much more quickly than would otherwise have been possible.

We intend to ensure that management honour every agreement made and will monitor compliance at Trains Council and Company Council level.

Referendum papers should be returned by Tuesday May 9th.

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