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Your solidarity and determination delivers real results !

After a week of negotiations at ACAS, ASLEF have received a formal proposal(here) from management this morning that covers the three issues in dispute.


We have received a letter from the Transport Commissioner Andy Lord that confirms there will be no change to the current scheme until September 2026 at the earliest.

Legislation would be required to change the current scheme. The Government has accepted that service built up “will be protected on a mirror image basis”.

Full consultation would still have to take place with Unions and the scheme Trustees. This means that any proposals for change would be after the next election. ASLEF will continue to oppose any changes legally, industrially and politically.

Attendance at Work Procedure.

Last month management presented us with their proposed Attendance procedure. They told us that they planned to start training managers from August and implement it from January.

This proposal and all timelines have now been withdrawn. Management have accepted that the AAW procedure is a negotiated document and discussions on changes must start from the current agreement.

Trains Modernisation.

Management accepted that proper negotiations on trains modernisation have not even started and confirmed they do not wish to impose changes to existing agreements.

They have accepted that changes to current agreements must come by negotiation.

Open ended talks will take place overseen by ACAS but with no deadlines for making changes.

On the basis of this progress, ASLEF and the other unions involved, Unite and RMT have agreed to suspend the action planned for next week.

This progress has only been made because TfL was faced with the threat of solid, united action. Your solidarity is what brought them to the negotiating table.

We have a mandate for action to make sure these commitments are honoured.

To make sure we are able to continue to protect our agreements, it is essential to return your ballot paper with a Yes vote so that our mandate for action remains vaild.

Thank you all for your continued support and solidarity.

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

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