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TfL funding report. ASLEF will fight to defend pensions, pay and agreements.

This afternoon ASLEF Executive Committee member Terry Wilkinson and I attended a meeting with senior TfL management to discuss the independent report commissioned by the Mayor on future financing which was published today. You can read the full report here.

Although media reports have focused on potential charges for people driving into London, there are deeply worrying implications for all staff. The report claims that “the pension model is outdated and must be reformed" and also talks about potential cuts to services including Night Tube.

This report will be considered by the TfL board before any decisions are made on its recommendations. ASLEF made it very clear that we will resist any attempt to cut services or to attack our members pensions, wages and conditions.

Our members have given us a solid mandate to take action to protect your working agreements if and when we need to do so. We intend to renew that mandate in the New Year.

ASLEF will always insist that any issues that involve our members are discussed through the agreed Machinery of Negotiation and all agreements are honoured. A full report and discussions with reps on the next steps will take place next week and further updates will be sent out.

Best regards,

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

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