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Staff Car Parking. If key staff can't get to work, then no one can !

Over the last few weeks a number of locations across the combine have been told that they will either have no car parking for drivers in the next few years or even in a few months time!

TfL is redeveloping various properties and the planning permission that has been granted is on the basis that there is no staff car parking at these locations. This is due to “The London Plan” which is a pan London development strategy that limits or entirely stops car parking at “new builds”.

This is a ridiculous decision by City Hall and TfL.

Plans should never have been submitted by TfL to redevelop locations that would take away our car parking facilities that are needed to enable the company to operate a train service – if drivers can’t get to work at 04.45 or get home at 01.30 without using their car then how do they expect trains to run?

Equally, where is the logic at TfL? They want the passengers to use public transport but how can that happen if staff cannot get into work to operate it?

ASLEF will not accept this situation.

Drivers have planned their lives based on car parking being in place to enable them to get to and from work. This cannot just be removed with minimal notice. Alternative parking arrangements need to be made.

We have already demanded that management make the provision of alternative parking at the locations affected so that drivers can get to and from work. In addition, we need TfL to ensure that in any future developments that they take into account existing car parking for staff and ensure these facilities are mirrored once the work has been completed.

It is down to London Underground management to sort this out and ASLEF will also be raising this with both the Mayor and the Transport Commissioner as a matter of urgency.

ASLEF will be prepared to take whatever action is required to ensure the facilities our members currently have continue to be available.

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