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No car park means no trains !

Land owned by TfL along Bollo Lane in Acton is to be used for a huge new housing development on which work starts this year.

Sounds great? Well, the big problem is that the development will mean the removal of all car parking facilities for tube staff at two major drivers' depots, Acton Town on the District line and Bollo House on the Piccadilly line, as well as a large number of engineering staff at London Undergrounds' Acton Works.

Three major workplaces, all of which rely on staff working shifts around the clock will be left without a single car parking space.

Of course, in a perfect world, everyone would be able to travel to and from work by public transport. But in the real world, it is simply impossible for all staff who live any distance away from their depots to get to work in the early hours of the morning or to get home safely late in the evening without using a car.

It's just not possible to operate a major workplace where people are required to work anti-social shifts with no car parking for staff.

London Underground management blame the problem on the London development plan and local councils that have refused planning permission for a replacement multi-story car park. But whoever is ultimately responsible, the fact is that unless tube staff can get to work, the trains won’t run and the residents and neighbours of the nice new housing blocks won’t be able to get to work either!

Unions have been raising the issue with London Underground for months to try to find a workable practical solution, but apart from a short-term interim solution for a few weeks, they haven’t offered a way forward. That is why ASLEF have now decided to ballot our members for possible industrial action over the removal of the existing car park facility. As a first step in our campaign, drivers at Acton Town District line who are effected soonest will be balloted.

We aren’t asking for anything extra or any special treatment. Our members just want to be able to get in to work for their shifts and get home safely. That’s hardly too much to ask!

Arrangments are being made for ballot papers to be sent out. Members are urged to return a YES vote to make sure management resolve this issue.

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

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