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Cab Security Update. 02/05/23.

This morning an hoc-directors meeting was held in response to the concerns your health and safety reps had raised about the failure to show progress on making driving cab secure.

After we balloted for a strike on this issue in 2018, management committed to install a locking device on fleets across the combine. A program of work was agreed that would have meant the rollout would have been completed by the end of 2020.

The pandemic meant that the program was paused and in the funding crises that followed LU management showed little interest in restarting it. But your ASLEF H&S reps were determined not to give up on this essential safety work.

ASLEF made clear to management that we were prepared to take action. It cannot be right that TfL buildings have security guards and protected entry systems while a drivers place of work is protected by nothing more than a plastic fob!

Management have now confirmed that funding has been reinstated and that a new installation timetable will be agreed. Your HS reps will be meeting management regularly to monitor progress and reporting to ASLEF head office to ensure this vital program is not allowed to slip again.

But this is just one of the security issues our members are having to deal with. There has been a rash of cab intrusion and other anti-social behaviour incidents, some of which are driven by social media. Adequate staff numbers and a regular and visible presence by the BTP is vital to ensuring both passengers and employees feel safe at work.

Please report all incidents to your manager and your ASLEF HS rep so that problem areas are identified and to make sure issues are not simply brushed under the carpet.

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

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