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ASLEF members give another huge YES vote as we renew our mandate for action.

Today's ballot results showed once again just how determined ASLEF members across London Underground are to protect your hard-won terms and conditions of employment and pension entitlements.

This was the fifth time we had to renew our mandate for action under the anti-union legislation designed to grind trade union members down by forcing you to vote again and again on the same issue. But ASLEF members across every part of London Underground have responded magnificently. Test Train and Transplant members both returned 100% Yes votes, passenger service Drivers voted by almost 99% in favour and management grade members by over 91%. You can see the full results here.

When we met management at ACAS two weeks ago, we secured important commitments on pensions, trains modernisation and the attendance procedure that allowed us to suspend the strikes we had planned. We could not have done that without the mandate we had, and we would not be able to make sure that those commitments are honoured without our renewed mandate.

Everyone who returned your ballot paper played an important part in protecting your working conditions and pension for the future. I especially want to thank all our Reps and active members at every level who did so much to make sure that all your colleagues understood just how important this ballot was.

Members on the District, H&C, Central and Jubilee lines also returned strong Yes votes for action short of a strike, and strike action if needed, on the issue of “flash and dash”; trains being sent into sidings without a physical check to make sure all passengers have alighted.

On all these issues the ASLEF position is clear and straightforward. We will always be prepared to discuss and negotiate but we will not accept detrimental changes being forced upon our members.

We also want an improved pay offer from London Underground for this year. So far all we have had is a far below inflation offer and no real movement on the other parts of our claim like travel benefits and overtime rates. It is much more important to achieve a good settlement than a quick one, but this issue can not be allowed to drag on indefinitely. We will update members as soon as fresh talks are arranged.

Thank you again for your support for your trade union. Your Reps, Officers and Executive Committee will continue to our best to deliver for all our members.

In solidarity,

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser

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